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SCF Natural offers the highest quality hop pellets, hop extracts and plant extracts. Key activities are contracting, purchase, processing and sale of hops. Headquaters and production centre are located in the lubelski region in the agricultural area of our country with centuries of tradition of growing and processing of hops. Shareholding structure of SCF Natural ensures financial stability and high standards of work and production. SCF Natural, fulfilling its complex mission, cooperates with the scientific circles, brewing specialists and plantation owners.

Our products portfolio is addressed to brewing companies, craft breweries and individual brewers.


The Production and Logistics Centre in Suchodoły has a specialized on-site analytic laboratory. We offer laboratory services using a state-of-the-art equipment for determining raw hop and hop products parameters for the purpose of application in brewing industry.

We determine alpha acids content according to methodology specified in E.B.C standards EBC 7.4, EBC 7.5, EBC 7.6, EBC 7.7 and water content in hop and granulated hop according to EBC 7.2.

We check each batch of raw hops prior to purchase.

L. p.

Analysis type

Net price

Gross price

Execution time


Determination of the moisture content EBC 7.2

36,59 zł

45,00 zł

1-3 work days


Determination of alpha acids content with toluene method EBC 7.4

117,89 zł,

145,00 zł

1-3 work days


Determinantion of alpha acid content with toluene method EBC 7.4  and moisture content EBC 7.2 (analysis 1 + 2)

138,21 zł

170,00  zł

1-3 work days


Determination of alpha acids and hop resins content with Wöllmer method EBC 7.5

243,90 zł

300,00 zł

2-5 work days


HSI (hop storage index) EBC 7.13

126,11 zł

155,00 zł

1-3 work days


Determination of the seed content (Weight method)

65,04 zł

80,00 zł

1-3 work days


Determination of flavononoids content (sum calculated per routine)

113,82 zł

140,00 zł

1-3 work days

  • NOTE: If a sample of raw hops is delivered undryed, the price does not include the cost of drying 10,00 PLN net. The time to perform the analysis will also be extended to 5 business days.

TEST SAMPLES in the amount of about 0.5 kg should be delivered to the Production and
Logistics Center in Suchodoły or sent by post after prior arrangement with the laboratory.

In the case of sending samples by post, complete the Order for laboratory tests form –
available on the website  and attach it to the shipment with the samples.
The description of the sample should include at least:
– data for the identification of the sample (e.g. name, grower’s name / company details, sample number, etc.);
– a variety of hops / pellets;
– harvest year.

PAYMENT: bank transfer.

TEST RESULTS: An analytical certificate in Polish or English is issued for each of the tested
Form of delivery of the certificate: personal collection, e-mail address or Poczta Polska letter
– for an additional fee.

NOTE: Certificates are issued after the payment for the service has been settled.

Order for laboratory test form – download

Contact: The Production and Logistics Centre
SCF Natural Sp. z o.o.
Suchodoły 120
21-060 Fajsławice
Tel.: 885 880 245


SCF Natural produces and offers hop pellets type 90. They are manufactured by milling and compressing of dried hop cones into cylindrical pellets.
The content of essential oils, alpha acids and polyphenols in hop pellet type 90 is the same as in the raw hop.

  • Granulated hops are a perfect alternative to whole cones, offering additional benefits of increased homogeneity, convenient application and storage without deterioration of quality.
  • Hop extracts CO2 – natural hop concentrate without any additional substances.

plant extracts

Plant  oil extracts are obtained by technologically advanced method of  supercritical extraction with carbon dioxide (CO2). It is the most  natural product on the oil extract market. It does not contain solvents,  artificial preservatives or standardizing oils. With extraction at a  temperature of about 40 ° C, CO2 extracts contain the most bioactive  components and are a valuable and desirable additive in the cosmetics,  food or dietary supplements industry.

Natural oily plant extracts from soft fruit seed, unrefined, unfiltered, non-standardized. The best ingredient for the production of completely natural cosmetics products and ideal raw material for the production of dietary supplements, rich in bioactive ingredients

Benefits of supercritical extraction with carbon dioxide

  • low temperature of extraction process
  • mainly oil compounds are extracted
  • no solvent residue in extract
  • no heavy metals content according to EU standards for food products
  • high level of microbiological purity


Confident  reception, long-term cooperation and industry assistance – we are able  to guarantee hop growers who cooperate with us by concluding contracts.

Certain deliveries and attractive conditions for our customers. We provide hop  deliveries in the quantities you need. If necessary, we will help to  match the type and amount of hops to individual needs.

Contact details

Contact us!

SCF Natural Sp. z o.o.

Registered office:

SCF Natural Sp. z o.o.
Suchodoły 120, 21-060 Fajsławice

Tel.: 81 467 99 88

Lublin-Wschód District Court with its seat in Świdnik
VI Commercial Division
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NIP: 716-281-39-78  
REGON: 061513841
BDO: 000032011
Share capital 15 001 000 zł

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